Welcome to the TACO Fasteners Inc. Website!

TACO Fasteners Inc. is a family owned and operated manufacturing company producing precision products for the building, electrical, hardware, mining and striking tool industries. From hammer wedges to 14 station progressive eyelets we produce top quality products at low prices with timely delivery.

TACO Sure-Hold Metal Wedges

For over 35 years TACO Fasteners Inc. has been THE industry leader in the manufacturing of metal wedges. Whether your fastening heads of hammers, sledges, axes and mauls, TACO "Sure-Hold" Metal Wedges give maximum wood displacement, virtually eliminating loose heads.

EMTC and Ceiling Clips Fasteners

TACO Fasteners Inc. has been an industry leader in the manufacturing and assembly of EMTC, ceiling clips and top hat fasteners for over 25 years. All parts are manufactured and assembled to customer specifications.

Contract Stamping

We use in-house tooling design and build to customer specifications. TACO Fasteners Inc. manufactures hardware up to 75 tons press capacity. Our capabilities include assembly, progressive and secondary die work.